Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Hippo Tour..

I thought it will be a good experience to try out the Hippo Tour. To experience how cool it is to ride on a roofless double decker bus and go on a sight-seeing adventure of the whole of Singapore. You never know until you tried and speaking from experience, "IT'S A FREAKING BAD IDEA!"

For a Singaporean, it is much wiser to take a SBS bus service and go on the Lion City tour, yourself. It is cheaper, cooler and much more fun. Really. The experience of the Hippo Tour that we got out of it is SUNBURNT. We got bored as there's really nothing to see. The areas that we were brought to are places that we would have gone to on Normal Days. Booorrriiing!

After the whole day of being on a bus,sight-seeing to places where we had been to and nothing to fascinate abt, we went for dinner at Marina Square and head on home with a sticky body, smelly pits, burnt skin and a freaking bad migraine. A day of fun? More of a day out to torture ourselves. :(

So an advise from me if you ever decide to hop onto the Hippo Tour bus and if you are a Singaporean, Please do not waste that moolah. Don't torture yourself. It ain't fun. Unless you are out to torture yourself, do it.

Oh well, at least now we know..;)

So, here are the pics of the torturing day, sight-seeing all over Singapore, the expensive and ridiculous way..;)















And you saw how it ends. My Marthin boys are looking super tired and bored. Terrible idea but an experience indeed..At Least we gave it a try.. *self-comforting* :P

National Day Parade Live At The Padang..

I know this entry comes a little too late. Ok. Very Late. But hey. it's better late than never, right.

Suddenly I have the interest to blog again. Don't ask why. I am not sure either. I just feel the need to. ;)

Anyway... This entry which is months overdue is about the National Day Parade. We, the Hairuls went to watch it Live at the Padang. The atmosphere was awesome. We laughed, we danced, we shouted and I cried. Yes, I cried. Not them. Me. Listening to the national day songs always get to me. Especially the song, This is Home..;) The feeling of being a truly proud SIngaporean creeps in. Patriotic or what!! ;p We truly enjoyed it..

We would not get the chance to enjoy National Day if it was not for a dear friend who gave us the tickets. Awesomeness and gratefulness. Very Nice. Thank you Sis Masni for the tickets. I owe you our lovely experience of watching the NDP LIVE.. ;)

So this is how we roll on the platform. Enjoy.;)





















Told ya we had fun..;) We rocked it out real gd..And yeah I teared..;P

Monday, October 11, 2010

We Are 7!!

How fast time ticks.. We are blissfully married for 7 yrs.. Syukur ALHAMDULLILLAH..

7 years of marriage with three most wonderful boys and a husband who dearly loves me. I am truly blessed. ALHAMDULLILLAH..

I will keep praying, loving and fighting for this marriage. I love you Hubby.

You have been a great husband and a wonderful father. You have given me a life that I never thought I can have. Thank you for all that. I love you so so much.

I love YOU. I Love Our Kids. I truly LOVE Our Family. I LOVE US..

You will always be the reason for my beating heart..;) INSYA ALLAH, Amin..;)


Diana & Hairul

May we be blessed with a life filled with an everlasting happiness, eternal joy and a love for an eternity..Insya ALLAH..AMIN AMIN AMIN..;)

Should I or Shouldn't I?

It seems that blogging has lost its lustre to me..

Should I close this blog of mine and stop blogging completely or should i carry on sharing my mundane life stories with the unknown aka the public?

I used to love sharing pictures and my life stories. It gives me a sense of joy telling the story of my life. So, should I or shouldn't I?

Thursday, August 12, 2010

It's Ramadhan once again... ;)

Salam Ramadhan Al Kareem everyone..:)

Syukur ALHAMDULLILLAH that we are blessed & gvn the opportunity to celebrate it for another year.. :) It's a sad year for me & and my family.. Our first year not celebrating the holiest month with our beloved man, my grandad.. Al- FATEHA..

For this Ramadhan, my resolution is to qatam quran. May ALLAH fulfil my desired wish, Insya ALLAH, AMIN..;)

And with that, I would like to post this video. Doa Taubat. Best to recite after every prayers. Especially during this Ramadan.

Selamat Menyambut Ramadhan AL Mubarak. ;) Wishing every Muslim, A Very Happy and Blessed Ramadan. May all the blessings and our prayers in this holy month be heard and accepted. May Allah give us all the right direction and keep us in His shelter.

May our Ramadan be blessed and be full of
good deeds, insya ALLAH, AMIN..:)

Sunday, July 18, 2010


We were on our way home from having a late night of ice-cream indulgence at the airport when Samuel happily announced, "I think I lost a tooth"..:S

He was calm and collected. Hubby and me were the ones that got a little too excited upon hearing it. We started asking him a myriad of questions on how he lost the tooth. If he had hit himself while running around at the airport just then or did he actually pulled it out by himself. He calmly replied, "My tooth was loose and i pushed it with my tongue and it came out..." Short, Simple and painless while I screeched.

No, we did not put his tooth under his pillow and tell him about any tooth fairy coming to take his tooth away while he is sleeping tales.. But he do know why he lost a tooth. All thanks to the Tooth Fairy Play that I took him to. And so, my firstborn finally lost his first baby tooth..



While my little baby grows a tooth.. ;) How time flies... My boys are growing up.. Double screeching..


How I wish I have the power to rewind, repeat and enjoy the moments with my Marthin Boys, again and again. It's every mother's wish which will never come true..:( However, I am glad that I am given the chance to enjoy the moments of being a Mother.. ;)

Friday, July 16, 2010

June Holidays!

It was the school holidays and no, we don't have any holiday plans in mind. Not that we do not want to! We really would like to but Marthin boys have extra classes to attend during the June Holidays and so plans of holidaying hv to wait. Whose great idea it was to make Marthin Boys take extra classes during a one month deserved break? It's yours truly.

Kiasuism held me at ransom! I am just doing what every mothers are doing. The best for the kids and since my Samuel, yes, My Samuel the boy who you have been reading about these past years on my blog is going to be 7yrs old and will grace the Primary 1 comes next year! I am still in denial! I still think he is my one year old baby and I am still, well, young! Sadly, it's just me and the fact is, time is swooshing past! I am getting more mature and my baby is growing. Boo Hoo Hoo.. why is time killing all the excitement and joy that I love so much! I wish I could just be absorbed in the time capsule and be back to the year when I first held him in my arms. 2004 to be exact! I want to go back in time and experience it all over again. From the year 2004 to the year it was 2009! OK, Maybe not all of the things that happened in 2004-2009 but most parts of it. The parts where I got to know some NEVER-WOULD-I-WANT-THEM-FOR-FRIENDS and the part where I just let the malicious being destroy my life, that part of my life, I shall curse to the end of my life and never would I want that part in my life. Not then, Not Ever. That must be eradicated. Other than that, I love the things that happened during those years.

I miss Samuel & Hizqeel being only 2 & 1 yrs old! I really do. OK! I am digressing. Back to school holidays and the things we did during the one month break other than making my kids suffer, going for their extra classes.

I took them to do some art activities. Fabric painting. The last time they did it, it was in 2007! Oh, I miss those time. Again selit, sorry about this emo over time makin cepat and aku makin tua digressing. Urgh! Anyways, I thought it would be fun to let them just paint. That we did. ;)

After a solid hour of fabric painting, we went for waffles!
















Next, I took all 3 boys and Mom to Vivo and then to Marina Square for some toys shopping. More of Toys Story toys for them boys. Then we headed on to the Helix Bridge and to the Marina Bay Sands. It was Mom's first time there. Boys were running around, being carefree and enjoying their day out with me and my mom.





Some of the days, we went for swimming at Sengkang Swimming Complex. Countless time during the June Holidays! They have fun and it's easy for me. :P

Some days, we went to the park for some kite flying, cycling, picnic and kicking some ball time. There were days where I took them to Smaland! Their most fav place to be at. They get to do so much things there. They get to do some drawings, running, climbing, sliding & cartoon time.

And some days, I took them to the Airport. There are days where it will be raining and we will have to spend it indoors. During that kind of days, we would do some arts & crafts, board games, reading or just spending time with each other.










I make sure my kids enjoy their holidays even if they had to attend some classes during the morning. They are afterall kids. They need to enjoy their childhood and I have no right to take that part of them away. Studies are important but for them to be happy is far more important to me.

When asked, if my boys enjoyed their June Holidays, their honest answer is Yes! It is easy to please kids. All they need is your attention, love and care. Give them that and they are the happiest beings on earth. :) Kids do not wish for much but the attention and love from their parents. I hope I have done all that I can to make them a happy kids. Insya ALLAH.

So there you have it. The June Holidays.